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Further information on UA: 198/12 Index: AMR 45/004/2012 Paraguay Date: 19 July 2012


VIctim of ARBITrARY DETENTION released

Miguel Angel Correa Franco, arrested on 15 June in connection with the killing of six police officers during a violent eviction of landless peasants in eastern Paraguay, has been released. He was detained for a month, allegedly without reliable evidence to prove his involvement in the killings, or his presence in the area.

Miguel Angel Correa Franco a peasant from the Luz Bella community, San Pedro department, Paraguay, has been released today after a number of requests for his release were made by his lawyer since his arrest on 15 June. A police statement, reportedly from the time of his arrest, states he was arrested where the incidents took place. However, Miguel Angel Correa Franco was not present when the clashes happened and he was detained by police officers as he arrived at a hospital in Curuguaty.

On 15 June a violent clash between police and landless peasants in Curuguaty district, Canindeyú department, Paraguay, ended with the death of at least 17 people, including six police officers and 11 peasants. Shortly after the clashes ended 13 people, including two minors and Miguel Angel Correa Franco, were arrested in connection with the deaths. On 17 June Miguel Angel Correa Franco was transferred to prison Coronel Oviedo where he was allowed to see a lawyer. He is now facing murder charges among other charges and the process continues, although he has been released.

Miguel Angel Correa Franco and his family have expressed gratitude for the support received from the international community and the pressure put on the authorities from activists all over the world.

Many thanks to all those who sent appeals. No further action required from the UA network.

This is a first update of UA: 198/12�

Name: Miguel Angel Correa Franco

Gender: Male

Further information on UA: 198/12 Index: AMR 45/004/2012 Issue Date: 19 July 2012

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