Further information on UA: 99/12 Index: AMR 25/016/2012 Cuba Date: 1 May 2012 URGENT ACTION PRISONER FREED, IF GIVES UP POLITICAL ACTIVISM Prisoner of conscience José Daniel Ferrer García has been released, on condition that he gives up his political activism: he has been told that if he does so, his trial on trumped- up charges will not go ahead. Prisoner of conscience José Daniel Ferrer García was released from prison on 29 April: he had been detained for 27 days, and charged with “public disorder” (desórdenes públicos). Amnesty International believes the charges are intended to prevent him from carrying out peaceful activities as coordinator of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (Union Patriótica de Cuba, UNPACU), an umbrella group of organizations advocating for peaceful political change. He has asked for his thanks to be passed to the members of the UA network who took action on his behalf. The Cuban authorities have told him that charges will be dropped if he agrees to stop his activism and ensures that other members of UNPACU do likewise. José Daniel Ferrer García had been released in March 2011 after serving eight years of a 25-year sentence for taking part in a campaign for a national referendum on democratic reforms in Cuba. The authorities have now threatened that he will be sent back to prison to serve the remainder of his sentence if he does not comply. Amnesty International has called on the Cuban authorities to withdraw unconditionally any charges against José Daniel Ferrer García relating to the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of expression, and to allow him and fellow members of UNPACU to carry out their activities free from harassment and the threat of detention. Amnesty International will be monitoring his situation closely, and will take further action as appropriate. No further action is requested at this time from the UA network. Many thanks to all who sent appeals. This is the second update of UA 99/12. Further information: Name: José Daniel Ferrer García Gender m/f: m Further information on UA: 99/12 Index: AMR 25/016/2012 Issue Date: 1 May 2012

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