Travellers' Rights

The main activity in this resource pack explores the conflicting views on the land rights of Traveller groups and asks students to explore and try to resolve the issues through role-play and discussion. 'Travellers' in the UK are most predominantly from Gypsy and Irish Traveller communities. There are estimated to be 200,000-300,000 Gypsy and Irish Travellers currently in the UK. Both of these Traveller communities are recognised ethnic groups, each identified as having a shared culture, language and beliefs. Traveller and Gypsy communities are traditionally nomadic and in the UK local authorities used to have a legal duty to provide sites for these groups. However, as part of the 1994 UK Criminal Justice and Public Order Act, this obligation was removed. As a result there are now too few authorised sites for the Traveller communities. This has forced Travellers to camp where they can, often resulting in a hostile response from those living in areas where they settle.

Travellers' Rights
A human rights resource for teachers of KS4 Citizenship, Personal and Social Education and related subjects
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