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Amnesty International News, May 1995. Vol.25, No.5.

, Índice: NWS 21/005/1995

1. Cambodia: Human rights steadily eroded since elections. 2. Ecuador: Army and police tortured Putumayo detainees. 3. Argentina: Former naval officer speaks out on plight of "disappeared". 4. Mongolia: Prisoners die from starvation due to gross neglect. 5. Focus: Rwanda: a cry for justice. 6. Worldwide appeals: Myanmar, Khin Zaw Win, prisoner of conscience; Jordan: Subeh Salim 'Abd al-Hamid Surur, 'Adel Subeh 'Abd al-Hamid Surur, 'Ali Wasfi Harb, 'Abd al-Majid 'Abdullah Qazzaz, prisoners of conscience; Peru: 27 prisoners of conscience still held. 7. Sudan: Women attacked after anti-government protest. 8. AI members in action in suport of (AI Sections in) Tunisia and Egypt. 9. News in brief (Papua New Guinea, Turkey).

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