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UA 22/94 - Bahrain: fear of torture / legal concern: Mohammad Hassan, 'Abd 'Ali Sengais, 'Ali Said Ja'far 'Alawi Shabib, 'Abbas Hamid Mohammad 'Ali, 'Isa 'Abd 'Ali 'Abd al-Hadi Muhsin, Faisal Shakhouri, Hassan Ahmed al-'Ikri, Ridha Jawad, Hussein Mansour,

, Índice: MDE 11/002/1994

Amnesty International has received reports of arrests at al-Mu'min Mosque in Manama on 19 January 1994. Those named above are believed to be among those detained, but the total number of arrests is not known. They are being held incommunicado, and there are fears that they may be subjected to torture. Their whereabouts are unknown. The arrests allegedly took place as members of the majority Shi'a community were gathered at al-Mu'min Mosque for the 40th day commemoration ceremony of the death of Ayatollah Golpayegani. The gathering was reportedly peaceful. An unknown number of arrests took place at the moque, while others were arrested later at their homes. Some were allegedy beaten at the time of their arrest.

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