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UA 35/93 - Bosnia-Herzegovina: fear of ill-treatment / fear of deliberate and arbitrary killings: non-Serbs in the Serbian-controlled town of Janja

, Índice: EUR 63/004/1993

AI is concerned about allegations of killings and rape in the town of Janja in May 1992 and later and also about bombing of property belonging to Muslims by armed Serbs. Events in recent weeks include the shooting of a Muslim couple in hiding. The police have since claimed that this was done by criminals but local people fear that they were acting in complicity with the police. A Muslim woman was shot dead by police during a demonstration of local non-Serbs against the violence. A radio report on 2 February 1993 alleged that sixty Muslims and Croats from the area had been forcibly mobilized into the Bosnian Serb army and used for mine clearing.

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