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SURAN 09/92: Azerbaydzhan: Salman Farmanov

, Índice: EUR 55/006/1992

The newspaper Bakinsky rabochy (Baku Worker) reported on 14 April 1992 that Salman Farmanov, a 34-year-old economist and former head of the planning deparment in Baku, was sentenced to death by Baku City Court. The exact date of the trial is not known. Salman Farmanov was convicted of robbery, premeditated murder and attempted murder. In an open letter to Bakinsky rabochy, Salman Farmanov has admitted to the robbery but claims that he was not involved in the murder and that charges of murder and attempted murder against him are false. Salman Farmonov has previous convictions for robbery and for being an accessory to murder. AI is appealing to the Azerbaydzhani authorities to commute the sentence.

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