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Colombia: Fear for safety / possible extrajudicial executions

, Índice: AMR 23/005/1998

Carlos Vera Correa, Marleny Taborba (f), Arcadyo Ferney Bolivar and all other inhabitants of municipal capital of Carmen de Atrato, department of Choco; Ruben Dario Maya, Jhon Fredy Alvarez Valderrama, Jaime Ramirez Palacio and Gildardo Taborda, all killed: The last four above-named men were killed by paramilitary gunmen during December 1997 and the first days of January 1998. Inhabitants of the town of Carmen de Atrato have been threatened by paramilitary groups with a "cleansing operation". Carlos Vera Correa, Marleny Taborba and Arcadyo Ferney Bolivar, who are believed to have witnessed the killings, have reportedly received death threats from these groups.

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