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Further information on UA 238/93 (AFR 44/07/93, 20 July; and follow-up AFR 44/12/93, 16 August) - Nigeria: health concern / legal concern: Ken Saro- Wiwa, N.G. Dube, Kobari Nwile

, Índice: AFR 44/013/1993

N G Dube and Kobari Nwile were released on bail on 25 July 1993. Together with Ken Saro-Wiwa, who was released on bail on 22 July after receiving finally receiving medical treatment for a heart condition, the three are all prominent members of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP). They were arrested on 21 June 1993, and on 13 July were charged under the Criminal Code of Eastern Nigeria on six counts relating to unlawful assembly, seditious intention and seditious publication. Amensty International had considered all three to be prisoners of conscience, and continues to call for all charges against them to be dropped.

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