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I am a Human Rights Activist. By profession, I am a University teacher and also a member of Amnesty International Nepal. You can find me on facebook at and on twitter at
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नेपाली and English
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September 7, 2012


Sent Prime Minister Monti: It’s time to end segregation and forced evictions of Roma in Italy

A girl holds up a sign reading "Welcome to Rome -sign the petition against the Nomad Plan" at an event in Tor de’ Cenci camp, Rome, Italy, July 2012. © Amnesty International

June 15, 2012


Signed Fim às expulsões forçadas em África

Morador de assentamento informal em Nairobi, no Quênia, exige o fim de desalojamentos forçados no Dia Mundial da Habitação. © Anistia Internacional

April 4, 2012


Signed Afghanistan: Urgent humanitarian assistance needed for displaced persons

“Since we came there is no assistance or anything; the family has not eaten anything for the past two days….We are displaced and have lost all our livelihoods,” Zarin, a 70-year old displaced w