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8 November 2010

The Invisibles

The Invisibles

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Every year, thousands of migrants face kidnap, rape and murder in Mexico.
Driven by grinding poverty and insecurity back home, they travel through Mexico in hope of reaching the USA with its promise of a better life. But all too often their dreams are turned to nightmares.

Told over four parts, The Invisibles exposes the truth behind one of the most dangerous journeys in the world and reveals the untold stories of the people who make the journey north through Mexico.


Every year tens of thousands of people leave their homes in Central and South America and journey north through Mexico, seeking a better life in the United States. As irregular migrants they do not have legal permission to enter or remain in the country.

In April 2010, Amnesty International released a report exposing the truth about what is happening in Mexico. Human rights abuses against Mexican migrants in the USA attract a great deal of public concern, and rightly so. Yet public outrage over the crisis facing migrants in Mexico has been much more muted.

In 2009, nearly 10,000 migrants were abducted in just six months with almost half of the interviewed victims asserting that public officials were involved to some degree in their kidnapping.

Inspired by the stories of the people who make the journey through Mexico, actor and director Gael García Bernal and director Marc Silver joined forces with Amnesty International to shine a light on the abuses migrants suffer. Told over four parts, the film they made is a shocking look at a world many people would rather you didn’t know about.

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