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Take part in our photo petition and ask the Slovak Prime Minister and the Minister of Education to end school segregation of Romani children and unlock their future.

Thousands of Romani children across Slovakia remain trapped in substandard education as a result of widespread discrimination and a school system that keeps failing them.

In regions with large Romani populations at least three out of four children in special schools designed for pupils with "mild mental disabilities" are Roma; across the country as a whole, Roma represent 85 per cent of children attending special classes. Yet, Roma comprise less than 10 per cent of Slovakia’s total population.

Whether in special schools or in ethnically segregated mainstream schools or classes, Romani children receive an inferior education that blights their future chances and traps them into a cycle of poverty and marginalization.

Entrenched anti-Roma attitudes within the education system have led to situations in which Romani children from kindergarten onwards are sometimes locked into separate classrooms, corridors or buildings, separated even at lunchtimes to prevent them from mixing with non-Romani pupils.

To take part in our photo petition - whether on your own, with your family, friends or school; using a poster, handwritten note, your keys, self-made massive keys – send your message and the "key" to desegregation of Slovakia's schools!
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Image: Romani children during class at the Torysa elementary school, Slovakia, April 2010 Copyright: Amnesty International

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