Take action for the housing rights of Roma in Rome!


1) Create your own twin postcards with coloured cardboard cut in the shape of a house (see example and use your creativity!!). You can create two twin postcards in seconds. On one side of each postcard you could draw a house, on the other write the address (see below), leave some space for the stamp, and add your personal message.

Examples of messages:

  • Forced evictions and the segregation of Roma children and families in degraded and overcrowded settlements are not the solution, they are the problem!
  • I call on the Italian authorities to provide Roma children and their families with adequate alternative housing solutions, in consultation with the affected communities.

Remember to add your name, the place where you write from, and your signature. One of the twin postcards will address the Prefect of Rome, while the other one will be sent to AI Italy, which will deliver all received postcards to a Roma community to show the solidarity of AI members and activists all over the world.

2) Take a picture of yourself holding the twin postcards in your hands, and Email your photo to: mailto:who05filled+private@photos.flickr.com one image per email. Please do not resize them. Please put the subject line of the email as: tags: "Unlock their future". Please write in the email a caption for the image in the following format: Unlock Their Future_[Name]_[Town/City]_[Country]_[Date]. You can see the latest photos on our Flickr page. Amnesty International will send all collected pictures to the Italian government.

3) Post the twin postcards to the following addresses:

  • Prefect of Rome
    Giuseppe PECORARO - Via IV Novembre, 119/A – 00187 Roma – ITALY
  • Amnesty International Italy
    Via Giovanni Battista De Rossi, 10 – 00161 Roma – ITALY

Image: © Amnesty International

How you can help