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Zimbabwe: Thousands spared eviction in Zimbabwe
5 February 2010

Thousands of people in Zimbabwe's capital, Harare, are no longer facing eviction from their market stalls and homes. Amnesty International has recently ...

Urgent Action       AFR 46/001/2010

Zimbabwe: Zimbabwean trade unionist under threat
6 November 2009

The home of 48-year-old Gertrude Hambira, a prominent female trade union activist in Zimbabwe, was attacked by three armed men on 3 November ...

Urgent Action       AFR 46/027/2009

Amnesty International | African governments must pressure ...
28 October 2009

Amnesty International today warned that Zimbabwe is on the brink of sliding back into the post-election violence that marred the country last year, risking ...

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Zimbabwe: Operation Muramabtsvina (Restore Order) ...
5 October 2009

Document       AFR 46/022/2009

Forced eviction in Zimbabwe | Amnesty International
5 October 2009

Short film on forced evictions in Zimbabwe.

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Zimbabwe: Operation Muramabtsvina (restore order) – Homes ...
5 October 2009

Zimbabwe: Operation Muramabtsvina (restore order) – Homes destroyed, livelihoods shattered

Document       AFR 46/022/2009

Zimbabwe: Human rights live here - petition
5 October 2009

Zimbabwe: Human rights live here - petition

Document       AFR 46/024/2009

Zimbabue: Desalojos forzosos en Africa.
5 October 2009

Zimbabue: Desalojos forzosos en Africa.

Document       AFR 46/024/2009

Africa: Stop forced evictions in Africa [Demand Dignity]
14 September 2009

The phenomenon of forced eviction in Africa is a massive human rights scandal that should be stopped immediately. Instead of taking measures to improve ...

Document       AFR 01/007/2009

Zimbabwe: Moving from words to action
9 September 2009

In this memorandum Amnesty International assesses the human rights situation in Zimbabwe since the creation of an Inclusive Government in February ...

Report       AFR 46/025/2009