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Turkey: fear of torture: Teyfik Eren
13 February 1996

On 12 February 1996 Teyfik Eren, editor of Govend arts magazine, was detained in Diyarbakir. It is feared that he may be subjected to torture while in ...

Urgent Action       EUR 44/026/1996

Turkey: fear of "disappearance" / fear of torture
13 February 1996

Mahmut Senturk, Devrim Senturk, Huseyin Yucedag, aged 35: the whereabouts of the three men above detained on 6 February 1996, remain unknown ...

Urgent Action       EUR 44/025/1996

Turkey: further information on: fear of arbitrary killing
9 February 1996

Hakan Guler, aged 24, sports teacher, Kadri Tursan, teacher, Koksal Gumus, Deputy Director, Lice National Education Branch: On 5 February 1996 AI ...

Urgent Action       EUR 44/024/1996

Turkey: death threats / fear for safety
8 February 1996

Abdurraham Mustak, headman of Yesilyurt village and other villagers from Yesilyurt village: AI fears for the safety of Abdurrahman Mustak, who was ...

Urgent Action       EUR 44/022/1996

Turkey: further information on: fear for safety: Esref Yasa and ...
8 February 1996

Esref Yasa's detention was acknowledged on 7 February 1996. Nothing is known of the two people detained with him.

Urgent Action       EUR 44/023/1996

Turkey: health concern / probable prisoner of conscience ...
6 February 1996

Former member of parliament Abdulmelik Firat, currently awaiting trial, is reported to be suffering from a serious heart condition. AI believes that ...

Urgent Action       EUR 44/021/1996

Turkey: fear for safety / fear of torture
2 February 1996

Mehemt Kambur, headman of Guvenkaya village, Huseyin Polat, Mustafa Doganer, Guzel Polat, Ibrahim Erdogan, Hasan Erdogan, Riza Ates, Bayram ...

Urgent Action       EUR 44/019/1996

Turkey: Young woman paralysed after torture
1 February 1996

Gulbahar Gunduz, a 33-year old textile factory worker, was detained in March 1995 in Tunceli. She was interrogated and tortured so severely that she ...

Report       EUR 44/015/1996

Turkey: fear for safety / fear of torture
1 February 1996

Ayse Aslan (f), Muhabet Aslan (f), aged 12: Zahide Aslan (f), aged about 17, Aslan Kocer, aged 28, one unidentified armed PKK member - killed: Ayse ...

Urgent Action       EUR 44/018/1996

Turkey: Information on continuing human rights abuses
1 February 1996

The human rights situation in Turkey has been deteriorating since 1990. This report documents "disappearances", torture, extrajudicial executions and ...

Report       EUR 44/010/1996