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Turkey: German, Swiss and Austrian governments withdraw ...
7 July 2009

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. AI Index: EUR 44/004/2009. 7 July 2009. German, Swiss and Austrian ...

Document       EUR 44/004/2009

Turkey: End fees for refugees [postcard]
20 June 2009

Turkey: End fees for refugees [postcard]

Document       EUR 44/002/2009

G-20 must set the example and clean up their human rights ...
28 May 2009

Amnesty International's Secretary General has called on the G-20grouping that brings together the world's leading economies to lead byexample and ...


Turkish trade unionists once again banned from Istanbul ...
1 May 2009

Trade unionists in Turkey have once again been refused permission tohold a demonstration on May Day in the central Taksim Square inIstanbul.


Amnesty International | Turkey: In search of asylum
22 April 2009

People arriving at Turkey's borders in search of asylum are puttingtheir lives at risk on a daily basis because of the failure of theTurkish authorities to

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Turkey fails to protect asylum-seekers | Amnesty International
22 April 2009

The Turkish government's disregard for international law is shown by its persistence in forcibly returning people to countries where their lives may be ...

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Turkey: Stranded: Refugees in Turkey denied protection
22 April 2009

Turkey: Stranded: Refugees in Turkey denied protection

Report       EUR 44/001/2009

The Wire, April/May 2009. Vol. 39, issue 002
1 April 2009

1) World Health Day: When rescuers become casualties; 2) Counter Terror with Justice: On the rights way to justice 3) Livewire: Grief is still so raw; The ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/2009

Turkish LGBT organization wins appeal against closure ...
21 January 2009

The Turkish lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender solidarityorganization, Lambda Istanbul, has won its appeal against the closureof the association ...


Amnesty International | Turkey: No more time to waste in ...
19 January 2009

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