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smothering freedom of expression
5 June 2002

smothering freedom of expression

Report       MDE 24/007/2002

Syria: Further information on Legal concern/Incommunicado ...
8 May 2002

Returned exile, Muhammad Ghazi Hubayib was released by the Syrian authorities on 11 May. He had been held in incommunicado detention for almost ...

Urgent Action       MDE 24/015/2002

Syria: Legal concern/Incommunicado detention/ Fear of torture
8 May 2002

Muhammad Ghazi Hubayibaged around 50, doctor was arrested on 16 April at Damascus airport, when he returned from exile, and has been held ...

Urgent Action       MDE 24/014/2002

Syria: Further information on Prisoner of Conscience/Health ...
6 May 2002

Prisoner of conscience Riad al-Turk's blood sugar level and blood pressure have reportedly increased, despite medical checks and regular administration ...

Urgent Action       MDE 24/013/2002

The Wire, May 2002. Vol. 32, No.4.
30 April 2002

1.) China fails its workers: workers' rights eroded as widespread labour unrest is repressed; 2.) Colombian human rights crisis deepens; 3.) Racist torture ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/004/2002

Syria: Fear of "disappearance"/Fear of torture:Nawras Husain ...
22 April 2002

Nawras Husain al-Ramadan was apprehended by the Syrian security forces on 13 February on his arrival at Damascus Airport from the United Arab ...

Urgent Action       MDE 24/012/2002

Syria: Further information on prisoner of conscience
18 April 2002

Amnesty International is concerned for the health of prisoner of conscience 'Aref Dalilah. He is in urgent need of appropriate medication and specialist ...

Urgent Action       MDE 24/011/2002

Syria Further information on - Prisoner of conscience
3 April 2002

Riad Seif, an independent member of the Syrian People's Assembly (Parliament), was sentenced to five years imprisonment on 4 April by the Criminal ...

Urgent Action       MDE 24/010/2002

Syria: Dr 'Abd al-'Aziz al-Khayyir: Medical Action
28 March 2002

Dr 'Abd al-'Aziz al-Khayyir is a physician and member of the Hizb al-'Amal al-Shuyu'i (Party for Communist Action, PCA), and is currently held in Sednaya ...

Action Document       MDE 24/009/2002

Syria: Further information on Fear for safety / torture / possible ' ...
27 March 2002

On 20 March, Hussain Daoud (m), aged 31, a Syrian Kurd who had been in detention since December 2000, was sentenced by the Supreme State Security ...

Urgent Action       MDE 24/008/2002