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Sudan: Fear of Torture
11 December 2000

Leading members of banned political parties and trade unions, Ali al Said, Tijani Mustafa, Mohamed Mahjoub, Joseph Okailo, Mohamed Wida Ala, ...

Urgent Action       AFR 54/007/2000

Sudan: Further information on Fear of torture
23 November 2000

Osman Idris Abo Rass was released on 11 November. Hassan Ahmed Hassan Basheer, who was arrested with him on 4 October, had been released ...

Urgent Action       AFR 54/011/2000

Sudan: Fear of torture
19 October 2000

Osman Idris Abo Rass, Deputy Secretary of the Ba'ath Arab Socialist Party and Hassan Ahmed Hassan Basheer, members of a banned political party ...

Urgent Action       AFR 54/010/2000

Sudan: Indiscriminate bombing attacks on civilians must stop
9 August 2000

10 August 2000. AI Index AFR 54/009/2000 - News Service Nr. Sudan: Indiscriminate bombing attacks on civilians must stop. ...

Press Release       AFR 54/009/2000

Sudan: Fear of Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or ...
29 June 2000

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of scores of students arrested by the Sudanese army and security forces in various incidents following ...

Urgent Action       AFR 54/006/2000

Sudan: The Human Price of Oil
2 May 2000

This Amnesty International report explores the link between massive human rights violations by the government forces and allied militias, and the oil ...

Report       AFR 54/001/2000

Sudan: The human price of oil
2 May 2000

News Service: 079/00. AI Index: AFR 54/04/00. EMBARGOED UNTIL 1600 HRS GMT WEDNESDAY 3 MAY. Sudan: The human price of oil. ...

Press Release       AFR 54/004/2000

Amnesty International News, May 2000. Vol. 30, No.3.
30 April 2000

1. Sudan: The real cost of oil; 2. India: Human rights defenders speak to AI about risks faced; 3. Kuwait: 'Justice and human dignity' seminar; 4. Colombia ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/003/2000

Sudan: Women's Rights Action 2000 - The rape of an 11 year ...
2 February 2000

This appeal, produced as part of the Women's Rights Action 2000, give details of the case of an 11 year-old girl who was raped in police custody. Although ...

Report       AFR 54/003/2000

Chad: Further information on fear of ill-treatment / fear of ...
30 August 1999

Souleymane Garfa, Ahmadaï Sabre and Sileck Saggae have apparently been released. Amnesty International is monitoring their situation.

Urgent Action       AFR 20/004/1999