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South Korea: Briefing for ASEM Foreign Ministers Meeting ...
1 March 1999

This paper briefly outlines Amnesty International's concerns on South Korea for the benefit of ministers attending the ASEM meeting in March 1999. Areas ...

Report       IOR 30/007/1999

South Korea: President's first year in office opens window of ...
22 February 1999

AI INDEX: ASA 25/15/99 News Service: 038/99. 22 FEBRUARY 1999. South Korea: President's first year in office opens ...

Press Release       ASA 25/015/1999

South Korea: Human Rights Commision must be independent
18 February 1999


Press Release       ASA 25/014/1999

South Korea: Amnesty International calls for prisoner releases ...
8 February 1999

News Service: 029/99. AI INDEX: ASA 25/11/99. 8 FEBRUARY 1999. PUBLIC STATEMENT. Amnesty International calls for ...

Press Release       ASA 25/011/1999

South Korea: Prisoner of conscience: Ahn Jae-Ku
5 February 1999

Amnesty International is asking for his unconditional release.

Report       ASA 25/009/1999

South Korea: Prisoner of Conscience: Yu Rak-jin
5 February 1999

This is an AI appeal for the prisoner of conscience Yu Rak-Jin who was arrested in June 1994.

Report       ASA 25/010/1999

South Korea: Fifteen prisoners of conscience held under the ...
5 February 1999

AI is calling for the immediate and unconditional release of fifteen activists who were given long prison sentences under the National Security Law in ...

Report       ASA 25/005/1999

South Korea: Summary of concerns for 1999
1 February 1999

This document contains a summary of AI's concerns and recommendations to the government of South Korea. These concerns include: reform of the ...

Report       ASA 25/001/1999

South Korea: Amnesty International appeal: Prisoner of ...
1 February 1999

Kang Yong-ju, aged 36, a former medical student and student activist from Kwangju was arrested on 1 July 1985 by the Agency for National Security ...

Report       ASA 25/007/1999

South Korea: Time to reform the National Security Law
1 February 1999

This document looks at the violations of human rights that result from the implementation of the National Security Law and calls upon the South Korean ...

Report       ASA 25/003/1999