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Amnesty International  Report 2013

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Stand up for human rights and demand an end to forced ...
3 October 2011

Riot police in formation during the forced eviction of 800 families at the Olga Benário encampment in São Paulo, Brazil, 24 August 2009. ...

Poster       ACT 35/030/2011

Stop forced evictions: Protect people living in slums
3 October 2011

More than one billion people live in slums. Governments often forcibly evict people living in slums, driving them further into poverty and into more precarious ...

Document       ACT 35/026/2011

Wire, October/November 2011. Vol. 41, issue 05
1 October 2011

1) The Agenda 2) Up Front: Amnesty archives support case against Haiti's former dictator 3) No help from Europe 4) Police in the Dominican Republic ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/005/2011

Mexico: Further information: Landowner's men threaten ...
30 September 2011

People living in a neighbourhood of the northern Mexican city of Ciudad Juárez, Lomas del Poleo, have been threatened by security guards working ...

Urgent Action       AMR 41/061/2011

Haiti: Further Information: Haitian families face forcible eviction
30 September 2011

On 28 September, a landowner, accompanied by armed men, made violent threats against more than 300 people in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, who have ...

Urgent Action       AMR 36/017/2011

USA: Further information: Florida execution goes ahead
30 September 2011

Manuel Valle, a 61-year-old Cuban national, was executed on the evening of 28 September in the US state of Florida.

Urgent Action       AMR 51/084/2011

Lithuania: Unlock the truth in Lithuania: Investigate secret ...
29 September 2011

The Lithuanian government has admitted its involvement in the US-led rendition and secret detention programmes. An investigation opened into two ...

Report       EUR 53/002/2011

Brazil: Indigenous community facing imminent eviction
28 September 2011

Thirty-five families of the Guarani-Kaiowá community of Laranjeira Ñanderu face imminent eviction from their ancestral lands in Mato Grosso do Sul State ...

Urgent Action       AMR 19/015/2011

Honduras: Honduran community leader abducted
27 September 2011

On 30 August José Reynaldo Cruz Palma, a Honduran community leader, was abducted in San Pedro Sula, northern Honduras by two unknown ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/007/2011

Bolivia: Use of excessive force must be investigated
27 September 2011

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. AI Index: AMR 18/002/2011. 27 September 2011. Bolivia: use of excessive ...

Public Statement       AMR 18/002/2011