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Amnesty International 'Good News'
31 May 2001

EXTERNAL DOCUMENT. AI INDEX: ACT 30/011/2001 Distr: SC/PO. Amnesty International 'Good News'. Please note that ...

Press Release       ACT 30/011/2001

Amnesty International 'Good News'
31 May 2001

Amnesty International 'Good News'

Press Release       ACT 30/011/2001

Somalia: Suleiman Mohamed Adam must be released ...
30 May 2001

31 May 2001. AI Index AFR 52/001/2001 - News Service Nr. 94. Somaliland: Suleiman Mohamed Adam must be released immediately. ...

Press Release       AFR 52/001/2001

Somalia:Still no end to human rights violations?
27 March 2001

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE. 28 March 2001. AI Index AFR 52/006/2001 - News Service Nr. 57. Somalia ...

Press Release       AFR 52/006/2001

Human Rights in Somaliland: Awareness and action. ...
1 December 1999

AI Index: AFR 52/03/99. Date: December 1999. Distr: SC/CO. Human rights in Somaliland: Awareness and action. Report of workshop. SUMMARY. ...

Report       AFR 52/003/1999

Human rights in Somaliland: Awareness and action - Reports ...
31 August 1999

This document contains the report of a workshop on human rights in Somaliland organised by Amnesty International and International Cooperation for ...

Report       AFR 52/001/1999

Italy: A briefing for the UN Committee against Torture
30 April 1999

In this document AI expresses concern that Italy, having adopted a number of legislative measures designed to combat the use of torture and ill-treatment ...

Report       EUR 30/002/1999

Amnesty International Newsletter March 1999
1 March 1999

1. Iran: Investigation into wave of killings. 2. Guatemala: Historic precedents set for human rights. 3. Syria: Caught in a regional conflict. 4. USA campaign ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/1999

Australia: Fear of imminent forcible deportation
20 November 1998

Sadiq Shek Elmi won a last-minute reprieve from being returned to Somalia, where he is at risk of torture or extrajudicial execution, after a dramatic ...

Urgent Action       ASA 12/010/1998

Somalia: Amnesty International visits Somaliland to run a ...
8 October 1998

AI INDEX: AFR 52/01/98 News Service: 197/98. 9 October 1998. MEDIA ADVISORY. Amnesty International visits Somaliland ...

Press Release       AFR 52/001/1998