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The Wire, September 2001. Vol. 31, No.6.
31 August 2001

1.) Paraguay: Notorious detention centre burns down; 2.) China's execution frenzy; 3.) Italy: Police brutality in Genoa; 4.) Togo: Freedom of expression ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/007/2001

Saudi Arabia: Incommunicado detention/Possible prisoner of ...
23 August 2001

The men named, and possibly others, are currently in detention. At least six of the men may be held incommunicado. They may have been arrested for ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/012/2001

Saudi Arabia: Risk of execution/Legal and Torture concerns
15 August 2001

The three men risk being sentenced to death and executed after they "confessed" on television to carrying out three bombings. They have not been charged ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/011/2001

Saudi Arabia: The forgotten Iraqi refugess in Rafha
3 July 2001

4 July 2001. AI Index MDE 23/010/2001 - News Service Nr. 114. Saudi Arabia : The forgotten Iraqi refugees in Rafha. There ...

Press Release       MDE 23/010/2001

The Wire, July 2001. Vol.31, No.5.
30 June 2001

1. Crimes of hatred: Sexual identity is highlighted in AI's campaign against torture; 2. Algeria: Silencing the protesters; 3. DRC: A culture of torture and ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/006/2001

The terror trade times, June 2001
1 June 2001

Description: 1.) Selling out human rights: Governments set to ignore human rights at UN Small Arms Conference; 2.) Italy and small arms - a case study ...

Newsletter       ACT 31/002/2001

The Wire, June 2001. Vol.31, No.4.
31 May 2001

1.) Refugees at risk; 2.) Tiananmen mothers fight for justice; 3.) Isolation fears over Turkey's new prisons; 4.) Trade unions under fire; 5.) Opinion piece ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/005/2001

Amnesty International 'Good News'
31 May 2001

EXTERNAL DOCUMENT. AI INDEX: ACT 30/011/2001 Distr: SC/PO. Amnesty International 'Good News'. Please note that ...

Press Release       ACT 30/011/2001

Amnesty International 'Good News'
31 May 2001

Amnesty International 'Good News'

Press Release       ACT 30/011/2001

Saudi Arabia: Further infomation on - Reports of torture ...
23 May 2001

Amnesty International has learned that Sheikh 'Ali bin 'Ali al-Ghanim was allegedly tortured during his first five months in custody. He is said to have ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/007/2001