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Amnesty International 'Good News'
31 May 2001

EXTERNAL DOCUMENT. AI INDEX: ACT 30/011/2001 Distr: SC/PO. Amnesty International 'Good News'. Please note that ...

Press Release       ACT 30/011/2001

Amnesty International 'Good News'
31 May 2001

Amnesty International 'Good News'

Press Release       ACT 30/011/2001

Saudi Arabia: Further infomation on - Reports of torture ...
23 May 2001

Amnesty International has learned that Sheikh 'Ali bin 'Ali al-Ghanim was allegedly tortured during his first five months in custody. He is said to have ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/007/2001

Saudi Arabia: Death Penalty: Deni Magomedzayev, Chechen
16 May 2001

A 19-year-old Chechen man, Deni Magomedzayev, has reportedly been sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia for his part in hijacking a plane to protest ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/006/2001

Amnesty International Annual Review 2000
30 April 2001

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Report       ORG 10/003/2001

Saudi Arabia: Further information on Fear of Torture or Ill ...
23 March 2001

Sheikh Mohammad Ali al-Amri was reportedly released on 22 March. He was apparently not tortured or ill-treated in detention, but his request for a transfer ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/005/2001

Saudi Arabia: Fear of Torture or Ill-treatment / Prisoner of ...
16 March 2001

Ninty year old, sheikh Mohammad Ali al-Amri is reportedly being held incommunicado. The exact reason for his arrest is not known, but appears ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/004/2001

57th UN Commission on Human Rights (2001): Statements ...
12 March 2001

The 57th session of the UN Commission on Human Rights took place from 19March to 27 April 2001. Amnesty International issued four press statements ...

Report       IOR 41/013/2001

57th UN Commission on Human Rights (2001): Background ...
12 March 2001

This document briefly describes the concersn which Amnesty International will raise at the 57th session of the United Nations (UN) Commission on Human ...

Report       IOR 42/002/2001

Freedom from racial discrimination
9 March 2001

These ten leaflets highlight issues of racial discrimination: the death penalty in the USA;imprisonment, torture and ill-treatment of ethnic in Equatorial ...

Newsletter       IOR 41/003/2001