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Romania: Excessive use of firearms by Romanian police ...
23 November 1995

There is concern that Romanian police officers on patrol on 25 August 1995 reportedly shot and injured Marian Constantin Visan in circumstances not ...

Report       EUR 39/024/1995

Children's Day action 1995: Appeal case leaflets
20 November 1995

This action consists of cases from seven countries, illustrating the types of violations suffered by children and young people around the world. The cases ...

Report       ACT 76/001/1995

Amnesty International News, November 1995. Vol. 25, No.11.
1 November 1995

1. Fourth United Nations World Conference on Women: Women confront the world; 2. Nepal: Prisoners of conscience; 3. Egypt: Civilians targeted for ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/011/1995

Amnesty International News, November 1995. Vol. 25, No.11.
1 November 1995

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Newsletter       NWS 21/011/1995

Romania: Amnesty International calls on European and ...
15 October 1995

News Service 197/95. AI INDEX: EUR 39/21/95. EMBARGOED UNTIL 0001 HRS GMT 16 OCTOBER 1995. ROMANIA: AMNESTY ...

Press Release       EUR 39/021/1995

Romania: Romanian authorities respond to Amnesty ...
30 September 1995

In October 1995 the Romanian authorities released three reports in response to AI's document "Romania: Broken commitments to human rights" (EUR ...

Report       EUR 39/022/1995

Romania: Update to May 1995 report
31 August 1995

This report updates the paper "Romania: Broken commitments to human rights" (EUR 39/01/95) issued on 22 May 1995. It describes the response of ...

Report       EUR 39/019/1995

Children's human rights: The theory / the reality
31 August 1995

This leaflet gives information on the theory of child human rights protection, as formulated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It also gives ...

Newsletter       ACT 76/005/1995

Psychiatry: A human rights perspective
30 June 1995

This paper analyses human rights violations within AI's mandate which are relevant to psychiatry. It presents arguments for increased interest in and ...

Report       ACT 75/003/1995

Romania: Broken commitments to human rights
21 May 1995

Despite assurances to the international community that it is committed to upholding its international human rights obligations, AI continues to receive ...

Report       EUR 39/001/1995