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Pakistan: Legal changes affecting application of the death ...
1 March 1991

This document comments on the changes introduced by the Qisas and Diyat Ordinance which will affect the application of the death penalty. This ordinance ...

Report       ASA 33/003/1991

Pakistan: new forms of cruel and degrading punishment
1 March 1991

This circular deals with the new forms of punishment recently introduced in Pakistan under the Qisas and Diyat Ordinance. This ordinance redefines ...

Report       ASA 33/004/1991

UA 55/91 - Pakistan: torture: Rahila Tiwana
14 February 1991

EXTERNAL (for general distribution)AI Index: ASA 33/02/91. Distr: UA/SC. UA 55/91 Torture14 February 1991. PAKISTAN: Rahila Tiwana. ...

Urgent Action       ASA 33/002/1991

Death Penalty News February 1991
1 February 1991

1. 1990 a record-breaking year for abolition. 2. Abolition in Hungary - Constitutional Court ruling. 3. Japan: Forum discusses abolition. 4. Messages ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/001/1991

Pakistan: human rights safeguards: memorandum submitted ...
30 April 1990

This paper starts with a brief history of Amnesty International's (AI) human rights concerns in Pakistan. It then describes the findings of a recent delegation ...

Report       ASA 33/003/1990

Medical letter-writing action: Whipping in Pakistan
23 February 1990

EXTERNAL. AI Index: ASA 33/01/90. Distrib : PG/SC. Date: 23 February 1990. WHIPPING IN PAKISTAN. On 17 December ...

Report       ASA 33/001/1990