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Nepal: Human rights at a turning point?
1 March 1999

This report examines the human rights situation in Nepal in the context of the conflict between the governernment security forces and the armed members ...

Report       ASA 31/001/1999

Nepal: Torture / Fear for safety
19 February 1999

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of Sahadev Jung Shah and Shiva Prasad Sharma who have reportedly been tortured in police custody ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/004/1999

Nepal: "Disappearance" / Fear of torture: Rajendra Dhakal
29 January 1999

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of Rajendra Dhakal, a lawyer and human rights defender, whose whereabouts are unknown following ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/003/1999

Nepal: Fear of "Disappearance" / torture: Bhanu Sharma
26 January 1999

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of Bhanu Sharma, a member of Chailahi Village Development Committee, Dang District. He has reportedly ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/002/1999

Nepal: Further information on disappearance / fear for safety
8 December 1998

Amnesty International continues to be concerned about the safety of Sumitra Ghimire (f) and Bharat Regmi (m), politiacl activists, who were arrested by ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/008/1998

Nepal: Amnesty International delegation reports on ...
19 November 1998

News Service: 227/98. AI INDEX: ASA 31/07/98. 19 November 1998. PUBLIC STATEMENT. NEPAL. Amnesty International ...

Press Release       ASA 31/007/1998

Nepal: Disappearance / fear for safety
4 November 1998

The whereabouts of political activists Sumitra Ghimire and Bharat Regmi are not known following their arrest by police on 29 October 1998. There is ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/006/1998

Nepal: Further information on torture / fear for safety
24 September 1998

Amnesty International has learned that the following men were remanded to jail on 11 August 1998 to await trial. The organization believes that the danger ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/005/1998

Nepal: Torture / fear for safety
2 September 1998

Bal Bahadur Poudel; Bharat Bhattarai; Dor Mani Poudel; Ram Bahadur Shrestha and Thir Bahadur Khatri: AI is concerned by reports that the above ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/004/1998

Nepal: "Disappearance" / fear of extrajudicial execution ...
16 August 1998

Amnesty International is concerned at the "disappearance" of Bishweswor Prasad Pokhrel following his arrest on 5 August 1998 and fears he may have ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/003/1998