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Nepal: Sri Lanka, Kashmir, Karachi.......Nepal must not go the ...
14 February 2000

Embargoed for 00.01 Nepal time, February 14, 2000. News Service 024/00. AI INDEX: ASA 31/10/00. Sri Lanka, Kashmir ...

Press Release       ASA 31/010/2000

Nepal: Human rights and security
14 February 2000

There has been a deterioration in the human rights situation in Nepal over the last four years particularly in the context of the "people's war" declared ...

Report       ASA 31/001/2000

Nepal: Mohan Lal Oli
1 February 2000

This document gives details of the case of Mohan Lal Oli, a teacher, "disappeared" after his arrest by police on 12 June 1998.

Report       ASA 31/005/2000

Nepal: Milan Nepali
1 February 2000

This document contains details of the case of Milan Nepali, a journalist, has not been seen since he was arrested at about 2pm at Sundhara, Kathmandu ...

Report       ASA 31/007/2000

Nepal: Suresh Ale Magar and Pawan Shrestha
1 February 2000

This document gives details of the case of Suresh Ale Magar a university lecturer and Pawan Shrestha, a civil engineer, "disappeared" following their ...

Report       ASA 31/006/2000

Nepal: Rajendra Dhakal
1 February 2000

This appeal gives details of Rajendra Dhakal, a lawyer and human rights defender, has not been seen since his arrest by police on 8 January 1999 ...

Report       ASA 31/004/2000

Nepal: Bishnu Pukar Shrestha
1 February 2000

AI Index: ASA 31/08/2000. February 2000. NEPAL. Bishnu Pukar Shrestha. Bishnu Pukar Shrestha (pictured above), a secondary ...

Report       ASA 31/008/2000

Nepal: Dandapani Neupane
1 February 2000

Dandapani Neupane "disappeared" after his arrest at Sundhara, near Tebahal, Kathmandu, at about 5.30pm on 21 May 1999. It is believed that the government ...

Report       ASA 31/003/2000

Nepal: Disappearance / fear for safety
17 January 2000

Suresh Ale Magar and Pawan Shrestha, both members of the All Nepal Nationalities Organization were released from jail on 23 December 1999, but ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/009/2000

Nepal: Further information on "Disappearance" / fear of torture ...
3 December 1999

Amnesty International continues to be gravely concerned for the safety of Bishnu Pukar Shrestha who is reported to be held in unacknowledged detention ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/017/1999