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Nepal: Further information on Fear of torture: Hom Bahadur ...
28 March 2006

Hom Bahadur Bagale was released on 28 March, on the orders of the Supreme Court. A habeas corpus writ had been lodged on 24 March by the Centre ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/013/2006

Nepal: Human rights crucial at dangerous political crossroads
23 March 2006

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PRESS RELEASE. AI Index: ASA 31/012/2006 (Public). News Service No: 074. 23 March 2006. ...

Press Release       ASA 31/012/2006

Nepal: Further information on arbitrary detention/ human rights ...
20 March 2006

Amnesty International has learned that student leader Kundan Raj Kafle was released on 20 February, along with 14 other student leaders and political ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/011/2006

Nepal: Fear of torture: Hom Bahadur Bagale (m), aged 41 ...
12 March 2006

A police officer who has been pursuing a claim that he was tortured by other police officers since 2002 has been arrested and allegedly tortured by police ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/014/2006

Nepal: Arbitrary detention/ human rights defenders at risk
17 February 2006

Five men (Krishna Pahadi, Dr Devendra Raj Pandey, Dr Mathura Prasad Shrestha, Shyam Shrestha and Kundan Raj Kafle), all peace and human rights ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/010/2006

Diary Note: Amnesty International Secretary General visits ...
12 February 2006

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Media Advisory. AI Index: ASA 20/004/2006 (Public). News Service No: 037. 12 February 2006. ...

Press Release       ASA 20/004/2006

Five stories: women human rights defenders (web text)
10 February 2006

Fighting injustice on the frontlines, many women around the world stand up for human rights.

Report       ACT 77/003/2006

Nepal: A decade of suffering and abuse
10 February 2006

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PRESS RELEASE. AI Index: ASA 31/009/2006 (Public). News Service No: 037. 10 February 2006. ...

Press Release       ASA 31/009/2006

NEPAL: Medical concern: Yagya Raj Pant (m), student activist
8 February 2006

Student activist Yagya Raj Pant was reportedly severely beaten by police when he was arrested on 26 January 2006. According to the non-governmental ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/008/2006

Nepal: People must be allowed to exercise their rights
1 February 2006

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Public Statement. AI Index: ASA 31/007/2006 (Public). News Service No: 030. 1 February 2006. ...

Press Release       ASA 31/007/2006