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Religious Action 1993 (includes correction)
30 September 1992

The cases reported here are: the killing of Quranic teacher Faky Ali Ahmat in Chad; killing of at least 37 people during a peaceful Catholic demonstration ...

Report       ACT 79/001/1992

Morocco: Continuing human rights violations
30 September 1992

AI welcomes the positive steps to improve human rights taken by the Moroccan Government during 1991 and 1992; however, AI remains concerned ...

Report       MDE 29/006/1992

Women in the front line: appeals cases 1992
30 June 1992

This document contains cases of human rights violations of women from eight countries. The cases are: the reported ill-treatment of Maria Nicolaidou ...

Report       ACT 77/003/1992

Morocco Campaign 1991: action and impact
31 May 1992

This paper contains information about human rights developments in Morocco during and since AI's Morocco Campaign, which took place from March ...

Report       MDE 29/005/1992

Trade Unionists targetted for human rights violations
20 April 1992

This paper consists of a feature article summarizing AI's concerns about human rights violations against trade unionists. It includes reports of intimidation ...

Report       ACT 73/002/1992

Morocco: Long-term "disappearances" of trade unionists
31 March 1992

This paper outlines Amnesty International's concern about the fate of two Moroccan prisoners of conscience and trade union activists. Abdelhaq Rouissi ...

Report       MDE 29/001/1992

UA 52/92 - Equatorial Guinea: arbitrary arrest, fear of torture ...
13 February 1992

EXTERNAL (for general distribution)AI Index: AFR/24/02/92. Distr: UA/SC. UA 52/92 Arbitrary arrest, fear of torture. 13 February 1992. ...

Urgent Action       AFR 24/002/1992

Trade Unionists' Action 1992
1 February 1992

Eight appeal cases are presented here, documenting repression of people engaged in peaceful trade union activities. They are: Ali al-Mahi al-Sakhi, ...

Report       ACT 73/001/1992

Weekly Update Service 03/92
22 January 1992

1. Israel and the Occupied Territories: Amnesty International concerned about secret detentions in Israel. 2. Morocco: Longest-serving POCs released ...

Report       NWS 11/003/1992

Weekly Update Service 01/92
9 January 1992

1. Morocco: Prisoners of conscience released after "disappearing" 18 years ago. 2. Indonesia / East Timor: Violations continue and doubts remain over ...

Report       NWS 11/001/1992