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Llamada Internacional. (extracto de The Wire). Agosto de ...
31 July 2006

Llamada Internacional. (extracto de The Wire). Agosto de 2006

Newsletter       NWS 21/007/2006

The Wire, August 2006. Vol. 36, No.7.
31 July 2006

1) South Korea exploits its migrant workers 2) Activists under attack in the Philippines 3) Prisoners of conscience released in Equatorial Guinea 4) ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/007/2006

Moldova abolishes the death penalty in law
4 July 2006

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Public Statement. AI Index: EUR 59/006/2006 (Public). News Service No: 174. 5 July 2006. ...

Press Release       EUR 59/006/2006

Moldova: Intimidation / possible prisoners of conscience
29 June 2006

Ana Ursachi (f) and Roman Zadoinov (m), both lawyers who have worked closely with Amnesty International to issue Urgent Actions on torture cases ...

Urgent Action       EUR 59/005/2006

Moldova: Further information on torture: Vitalii Kolibaba (m)
21 May 2006

Vitalii Kolibaba, aged 27,allegedly been tortured in police custody, was released on bail on 15 May by the appeal court in the capital, Chisinau. Since ...

Urgent Action       EUR 59/004/2006

Moldova: Further information on Health concern/Torture ...
17 May 2006

Sergei Gurgurov was released on bail on 12 May.

Urgent Action       EUR 59/003/2006

Moldova: Torture: Vitalii Kolibaba (m), aged 27
2 May 2006

Vitalii Kolibaba has reportedly been tortured at Buiucani district police station in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau. Amnesty International believes that ...

Urgent Action       EUR 59/002/2006

Moldova: Health concern/Torture: Sergei Gurgurov (m)
26 April 2006

Sergei Gurgurov, who was arrested in October 2005 but released on bail, was arrested again on 18 April by officers from the same police station, and ...

Urgent Action       EUR 59/001/2006

The Wire, March 2006. Vol. 36, No.2.
1 March 2006

1) USA executes mentally ill 2) AI visits Syria after nine year absence 3) Religious persecution in Eritrea 4) Afghanistan 'success' ebbing away:Threat ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/2006

Moldova: Further information on Torture and ill-treatment ...
15 December 2005

Sergei Gurgurov, aged 27, was released on bail on 9 December by the Chi in u Appeal Court, with the condition that he is not to leave his town of residence ...

Urgent Action       EUR 59/007/2005