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Amnesty International | Moldova: Need for responsible ...
17 April 2009

Hundreds of people, including minors, were detained in Moldovafollowing the demonstrations which started in the capital Chişinău on 6April and led ...

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Moldova: Freedom of expression and assembly. Possible ...
9 April 2009

The authorities in Moldova have threatened to arrest a group of civil society activists who organized a peaceful demonstration, blaming them for the rioting ...

Urgent Action       EUR 59/002/2009

Moldova: Enforced Disappearance / fear of torture and other ill ...
4 March 2009

On 27 February 2009, the whereabouts of Gheorghe Ionel, became unknown. Gheorghe Ionel is mayor of Vorniceni and a member of an opposition ...

Urgent Action       EUR 59/001/2009

Protect freedom of expression in Moldova | Amnesty ...
10 February 2009

A prominent Amnesty International member is among a group of peaceful demonstrators injured by masked attackers in Moldova.

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Amnistía Internacional | Moldavia: Las autoridades hostigan a ...
30 January 2009

Las autoridades moldavas siguen hostigando a manifestantes pacíficos y dificultando sus actos a pesar de una nueva ley sobre reuniones, ha decl.

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MOLDAVIA. Ayuda a sergei Gurgurov.
29 October 2008

MOLDAVIA. Ayuda a sergei Gurgurov.

Document       EUR 59/002/2008

Moldova: Sergei Gurgurov - Global letter-writing marathon ...
29 October 2008

Moldova: Sergei Gurgurov - Global letter-writing marathon 2008

Document       EUR 59/002/2008

Europe and Central Asia: Summary of Amnesty International's ...
2 September 2008

This bulletin contains information about Amnesty International's main concerns in Europe and Central Asia between July and December 2007. Not every ...

Report       EUR 01/001/2008

Europe moves to protect trafficked people | Amnesty ...
1 February 2008

Europe has taken a further step towards protecting people who have beentrafficked with the entry into force of a new convention.