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Malawi: Activists in Malawi detained after protest
18 October 2011

Five activists in Malawi were arrested and detained by police on Friday 14 October 2011 for engaging in a peaceful protest outside parliament in Lilongwe ...

Urgent Action       AFR 36/003/2011

Malawi must arrest Sudan's al-Bashir during visit | Amnesty ...
13 October 2011

Al-Bashir is due in Malawi for a trade summit, despite warrants for his arrest on charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.


Malawi: Further information: Demonstrations postponed after ...
19 August 2011

Demonstrations that were scheduled to take place in Malawi on 17 August 2011 were postponed by participants after a dialogue was facilitated between ...

Urgent Action       AFR 36/002/2011

Malawi set for fresh anti-government protests | Amnesty ...
16 August 2011

Malawians taking part in anti-government protests set for 17 August are at risk of being killed or injured by police.


Malawi: Crackdown fears for Malawi protests
12 August 2011

Demonstrators may be at risk of being killed or seriously injured if police use excessive force to break up protests due to take place in Malawi on 17 August ...

Urgent Action       AFR 36/001/2011

Suggested recommendations to States considered in the ninth ...
1 September 2010

In this document Amnesty International makes recommendations to the governments of various States about the ratification of international human ...

Document       IOR 41/023/2010

Malawian couple sentenced to 14 years hard labour for 'gross ...
20 May 2010

Tiwonge Chimbalanga and Steven Monjeza were arrested in December two days after holding an engagement ceremony.


Amnesty International | Malawi: Couple sentenced to 14 years ...
20 May 2010

The fourteen year sentence imposed on a Malawian couple convicted of “gross indecency” and “unnatural acts” is an outrage, Amnesty International ...

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MALAWI | Amnesty International
29 April 2010


Amnesty International | Malawian men facing trial for “gross ...
22 March 2010

Amnesty International calls on the Malawian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release two men, after a judge today ruled that they will face ...

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