Human Rights in MACEDONIA

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Amnesty International's concerns at the 51st United Nations ...
1 December 1994

This document describes AI's concerns about a number of countries and issues relevant to the agenda of the forthcoming 51st session of the UN Commission ...

Report       IOR 41/011/1994

Amnesty International News Service 139/94
28 June 1994

1. Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Call for protection of refugees following tragic death of deported Muslim girl.

Report       NWS 11/139/1994

Peace-keeping and human rights
1 January 1994

This paper examines the evolution of human rights protection and promotion in the context of United Nations (UN) peace-keeping operations. It sets ...

Report       IOR 40/001/1994

The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYRM): fear of ...
31 August 1993

There is concern at recent reports that police in the FYRM have been carrying out systematic round-ups of ethnic Albanians, who are apparently thought ...

Urgent Action       EUR 65/001/1993