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Kuwait: Further information: Leyla al-Darmalalli released
1 December 2014

Long-term Kuwait resident Leyla al-Darmalalli was released from prison and has returned to Egypt voluntarily.

Urgent Action       MDE 17/010/2014

Suggested recommendations to States considered in the 21st ...
28 November 2014

In this document Amnesty International makes recommendations to the governments of different states about ratification of international human rights ...

Report       IOR 41/038/2014

Kuwait 'playing games' with lives of more than 100,000 Bidun ...
10 November 2014

The announcement by Kuwait that tens of thousands of stateless people in the country known as the Bidun might be able to obtain “economic citizenship ...


Kuwait: Further information: Sulaiman al-Jassem released
29 October 2014

Prisoner of conscience Sulaiman al-Jassem was released on 22 October, and had his conviction overturned by the Misdemeanours Appeal Court.

Urgent Action       MDE 17/009/2014

Kuwait: Human rights monitor imprisoned: Sulaiman al ...
21 October 2014

Kuwaiti lawyer and human rights activist Sulaiman al-Jassem was arrested on 20 October after being sentenced to one month's imprisonment on charges ...

Urgent Action       MDE 17/008/2014

Kuwait: Mother of activist at risk of deportation: Leyla ...
5 September 2014

Long-term Kuwait resident and Egyptian national, Leyla al-Darmalalli, is at risk of deportation from Kuwait to Egypt. She was detained on 2 September ...

Urgent Action       MDE 17/007/2014

Kuwait: further information: Bidun activists released
19 August 2014

Kuwaiti Bidun activists 'Abdulhakim al-Fadhli and 'Abdullah 'Atallah were released on 6 and 14 August, respectively.

Urgent Action       MDE 17/006/2014

Kuwait: Halt the deplorable revocation of nationality of ...
24 July 2014

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Public Statement. 24 July 2014. AI Index: MDE 17/004/2014 (Public). Kuwait: Halt the deplorable ...

Public Statement       MDE 17/004/2014

Further information: Kuwait: Two Bidun activists rearrested ...
15 July 2014

Kuwaiti Bidun activists 'Abdulhakim al-Fadhli and 'Abdullah 'Atallah were arrested again on 7 July after demonstrations in Kuwait. They may be prisoners ...

Urgent Action       MDE 17/005/2014

Kuwait: One more Bidun man released, two detained
1 April 2014

Another of the seven men from Kuwait's Bidun (“stateless”) community arrested in February was released on 31 March. The two still detained will be ...

Urgent Action       MDE 17/003/2014