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Kenya: 8,000 Somalis pushed out of kenya
5 November 2010

Approximately 8000 Somalis, who fled across the Kenyan border from the Somali town of Belet Hawo following intense fighting there, were ordered to ...

Urgent Action       AFR 32/016/2010

Michael Nyangi in Kibera | Amnesty International
5 October 2010

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Women of Kibera | Amnesty International
5 October 2010

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Human rights are key to the MDGs, by Salil Shetty: Kenya
1 October 2010

AI INDEX: POL 39/007/2010. October 2010. Human rights are key to the MDGs: Kenya. by Salil Shetty. Amina was almost ...

PressItem       POL 39/007/2010

The Wire October 2010. Vol. 40, Issue 005
1 October 2010

1) A daily battle for survival in Haiti 2) LiveWire: Burundi: A question of justice; Omar Khadr: Trial begins, but will it continue?; Amnesty International goes ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/005/2010

Africa: Human Rights Live Here: Stop forced evictions in Africa ...
30 September 2010

Across Africa hundreds of thousands of people each year are left homeless when they are forcibly evicted from their homes by the authorities. In most ...

Document       AFR 01/006/2010

KENYA | Amnesty International
30 September 2010


Kenya: The arrest and detention of Mbugua Mureithi and Al ...
24 September 2010

In this open letter, Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch express their concern regarding the arrest and detention in Uganda of Mbugua Mureithi ...

Open Letter       AFR 32/020/2010