Human Rights in Republic of Kazakstan

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Kazakhstan: Further information on fear of imminent execution ...
29 November 1995

AI has learned with deep regret that Boris Timofeyev was executed on 16 November.

Urgent Action       EUR 57/010/1995

Kazakstan: Fear of imminent execution: Boris Timofeyev
13 November 1995

AI fears that Boris Timofeyev is facing imminent execution, possibly within the next 48 hours, after the Clemency Commission of Kazakstan turned down ...

Urgent Action       EUR 57/008/1995

Kazakstan: Further information on fear of imminent execution ...
13 November 1995

AI has received the sad news that Oleg Moldagaliyev was executed earlier this year.

Urgent Action       EUR 57/007/1995

Death Penalty News September 1995
31 August 1995

1. Moratoria on executions in Albania and Moldova; 2. Mauritius abolishes death penalty, but President refuses to sign bill; 3. Poland: Abolitionist bill ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/003/1995

Kazakhstan: Fear of imminent execution: V Korelin, A Belikov ...
9 July 1995

AI fears that the 11 men named above face imminent execution after having beeen sentenced to death in Kazakhstan. Appeals against their death ...

Urgent Action       EUR 57/006/1995

Kazakstan: Fear of imminent execution: Oleg Satanovich ...
18 June 1995

AI fears that Oleg Satanovich Moldagaliyev faces imminent execution as the President of Kazakstan has refused his appeal for clemency.

Urgent Action       EUR 57/004/1995

Kazakhstan: A Seydakhmetov
6 April 1995

A Kazakh newspaper reports that A Seydakhmetov was sentenced to death in the first quarter of 1995. He was allegedly the leader of a gang which ...

Report       EUR 57/003/1995

Kazakhstan: Sapar Baltabayev
24 January 1995

Sapar Baltabayev, former head doctor of the Dzhezkazgan Regional Mental Hospital, was sentenced to death in early 1994 for the murder of the deputy ...

Report       EUR 57/001/1995

EXTRA 27/94 - Kazakhstan: fear of imminent execution: four ...
28 April 1994

Four soldiers were reportedly sentenced to death for murder on or shortly before 19 April 1994. They do not have the right to appeal against their death ...

Urgent Action       EUR 57/007/1994

Kazakhstan: Roman Grechko
7 April 1994

AI is calling for the immediate and unconditional release of Roman Grechko, a conscientious objector sentenced on 30 March 1994 to one year's ...

Report       EUR 57/004/1994