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Syria: Caught in a regional conflict: Lebanese, Palestinian and ...
27 January 1999

This document reports on the hundreds of Lebanese, Jordanian and Palestinian nationals who remain in detention as political prisoners in Syria. Most ...

Report       MDE 24/001/1999

Jordan: Further information on death penalty: 'Abir Ibrahim ...
11 December 1998

'Abir Ibrahim and Rasha Ibrahim were executed by hanging on 3 December 1998 after being sentenced to death in May 1998.

Urgent Action       MDE 16/016/1998

Jordan: Death penalty: Sa'id al-Qashash
11 December 1998

Sa'id al-Qashash was sentenced to death on 30 November 1998 by the Amman Criminal Court after being found guilty of murdering 12 people. AI recognizes ...

Urgent Action       MDE 16/018/1998

Jordan: Amnesty International calls on the government to end ...
18 November 1998

News Service: 225/98. AI INDEX: MDE 16/17/98. EMBARGO DATE: 0001 GMT WEDNESDAY 18 NOVEMBER 1998. Jordan ...

Press Release       MDE 16/017/1998

Jordan: An absence of safeguards
1 November 1998

Despite the dismantling of a system that had allowed large scale abuse of human rights in Jordan, some violations continue. This report focuses on three ...

Report       MDE 16/011/1998

Jordan: Further information on death penalty
22 October 1998

'Umar Saleh was executed for murder on 22 October 1998. His sons, Na'im Saleh and Nash'at Saleh had their death sentences commuted to life ...

Urgent Action       MDE 16/015/1998

Jordan: Further information on death penalty: Mustafa 'Abd al ...
18 October 1998

Mustafa 'Abd al-Mustafa was executed on 15 October 1998. He had initially been sentenced to life imprisonment but the Court of Cassation ordered that ...

Urgent Action       MDE 16/012/1998

Jordan: Death penalty
18 October 1998

In October 1998 the Court of Cassation ratified the death penalties passed on 'Abir and Rasha Ibrahim on 27 May 1998. The two Egyptian sisters had ...

Urgent Action       MDE 16/013/1998

Jordan: Further information on death penalty
18 October 1998

Othman Haroun and Muhammad Sweilem have had their death sentences upheld by the Criminal Court despite the Court of Cassation stating that the ...

Urgent Action       MDE 16/014/1998

Jordan: Further information on Death penalty: Fateh Suba'i
12 August 1998

Fateh Suba'i was executed by hanging at dawn on 12 August 1998. He had been sentenced to death after being found guilty of murdering two adults ...

Urgent Action       MDE 16/010/1998