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Japan complacent over human rights - government must ...
9 November 1998

Japan complacent over human rights - government must implement UN Human Rights Committee's recommendations

Press Release       ASA 22/014/1998

Japan: Japan's human rights record must be challenged
26 October 1998

AI INDEX: ASA 22/13/98 News Service 207/98. 26 October 1998. Japan's human rights record must be challenged. The UN ...

Press Release       ASA 22/013/1998

Japan: Prisoners face cruel and humilliating punishment
10 June 1998

News Service 114/98. AI INDEX: ASA 22/08/98. EMBARGOED UNTIL 15:00 HRS (TOKYO TIME) 26 JUNE 1998. Japan: Prisoners ...

Press Release       ASA 22/008/1998

Japan: Japanese Government's response to Amnesty ...
3 June 1998

The Japanese Government's comments on the AI report 'Japan: Ill-Treatment of Foreigners in Detention' consist generally of a reiteration of official views ...

Press Release       ASA 22/006/1998

Japan: Abusive punishments in Japanese prisons
31 May 1998

This report documents several cases where prisoners in Japan have faced cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment through the use of handcuffs and ...

Report       ASA 22/004/1998

Japan: Further information on medical concern / ill-treatment ...
31 March 1998

The lawyer of Saeid Pilhvar has informed Amnesty International that his client is currently receiving treatment in hospital and has gained weight.

Urgent Action       ASA 22/003/1998

Worldwide Appeals April 1998
3 March 1998

1. Israel/South Lebanon: possible hostage/detention beyond expiry of sentence; 2. Honduras: Extrajudicial killing; 3. Japan: Death penalty.

Report       NWS 22/002/1998

Japan: Ill-treatment of Foreigners in Detention: Comments by ...
26 February 1998

Amnesty International welcomes the Japanese Government's willingness to engage in dialogue on the subject of ill-treatment in detention in Japan. This ...

Report       ASA 22/002/1998

Japan: Medical concern / ill-treatment: Saied Pilhvar
22 January 1998

The life of Saeid Pilhvar, an Iranian detainee in Fuchu Detention Centre near Tokyo, is reported to be in grave danger as a result of ill-treatment and ...

Urgent Action       ASA 22/001/1998

Japan: Amnesty International world conference calls on ...
17 December 1997

News Service: 118/97. 17 DECEMBER 1997 - FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. AI INDEX: ASA 22/15/97. Japan: Amnesty International ...

Press Release       ASA 22/015/1997