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Iraq: Further information on Incommunicado detention / Fear of ...
31 May 2001

Hussam Mohammad Jawad and Iyyad Jihad Shams al-Din have been released. Iraq remains a "closed" country, and it is not known at this stage when ...

Urgent Action       MDE 14/007/2001

Iraq: Relentless executions must end
4 April 2001

5 April 2001. AI Index MDE 14/004/2001 - News Service Nr. 63. Iraq: Relentless executions must end. "The high rate of executions ...

Press Release       MDE 14/004/2001

Iraq: The fate of 106 religious clerics and students still ...
28 March 2001

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE. 29 March 2001. AI Index MDE 14/003/2001 - News Service Nr. 58. Iraq: The ...

Press Release       MDE 14/003/2001

Iraq: Incommunicado detention / Fear of torture.
26 March 2001

Two men, Hussam Mohammad Jawad and his brother-in-law, Iyyad Jihad Shams al-Din have reportedly been arrested by the Iraqi authorities and are ...

Urgent Action       MDE 14/002/2001

4 Women Appeal Leaflets
6 March 2001

The four appeal cases, which outline examples of the rape, torture and ill-treatment of women, focus on Guinea; the Philippines; Mexico; and Iraqi ...

Newsletter       ACT 77/001/2001

Iraq: US and UK bombing of Baghdad
16 February 2001

16 February 2001. AI Index MDE 14/001/2001 - News Service Nr. 31. News Flash. Iraq: US and UK bombing of Baghdad. ...

Press Release       MDE 14/001/2001

Iraq: Further information on Fear of Torture - Hiwa Ahmad.
17 November 2000

Another two Iraqi Workers' Communist Party (IWCP) activists, Falah Ahmad and Ranj Ata, have been arrested, apparently because they distributed leaflets ...

Urgent Action       MDE 14/016/2000

Iraq: Fear of Torture - Hiwa Ahmad.
3 November 2000

An opposition activist who apparently criticised the authorities' human rights record has been arrested and is at risk of torture, in the region of Iraqi Kurdistan ...

Urgent Action       MDE 14/014/2000

Iraq: Fear of further extrajudicial executions
3 November 2000

Najat Mohammad Haidar (f) and up to 50 women accused of being prostitutes and men accused of procurement have reportedly been publicly beheaded ...

Urgent Action       MDE 14/015/2000

Turkey: Further information on torture/ill-treatment
1 November 2000

A delegation of Kurdish women (members of the Peace Mothers Initiative) from eastern Turkey have reportedly been tortured and ill-treated, after they ...

Urgent Action       EUR 44/056/2000