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Honduras: Law reform: Office of the National Commissioner ...
22 April 1999

PUBLICAI Index: AMR 37/03/99. UA 89/99Law reform23 April 1999. HONDURASOffice of the National Commissioner for ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/003/1999

Honduras: Further information on fear for the safety of Ramon ...
14 June 1998

The chief of the Honduran armed forces is once again trying to jail Dr Ramaon Custodio, president of CODEH, Committee for the Defence of Human ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/006/1998

Honduras: Fear for the safety of Ramon Custodio, human ...
19 April 1998

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of Ramon Custodio, president of the Committee for the Defence of Human Rights in Honduras (CODEH ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/005/1998

Honduras: Still waiting for justice
31 March 1998

This report focuses on impunity in Honduras where until now no one has been tried by a court a justice for the fate of men, women and children "disappeared ...

Report       AMR 37/004/1998

Worldwide Appeals April 1998
3 March 1998

1. Israel/South Lebanon: possible hostage/detention beyond expiry of sentence; 2. Honduras: Extrajudicial killing; 3. Japan: Death penalty.

Report       NWS 22/002/1998

Honduras: Fear for safety / extrajudicial killing
13 February 1998

Ernesto Sandoval Bustillo and members of CODEH: On 10 February 1998, Ernesto Sandoval Bustillo, a regional coordinator for the non-governmental ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/002/1998

Honduras: Apparent extrajudicial executions / fear for safety
29 October 1997

Jorge Castillo and Julian Alberto Morales, killed; Roberto Martinez, Miguel Antonio Martinez, Salvador Zuniga, Candido Roberto Martinez and other ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/008/1997

Honduras: Possible extrajudicial exectuion / fear for safety
9 October 1997

Edwun Ramirez, (3) killed; Benigno Ramirez Garcia, human rights activist, in hiding: There are serious fears for the safety of human rights activst Benigno ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/007/1997

Amnesty International News September 1997. Vol. 27, No. 5
31 August 1997

1. Somalia, UN troops accused of torture; 2.India, in the name of development; 3. Libya, a new wave of human rights abuse; 4. News in Brief: UAE, Mexico ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/005/1997

Honduras: Further information on apparent extrajudicial ...
18 August 1997

Adan Romero, Pedro Ramos, Amadeo Perez, Jose Romero, Wisla Perez (f), members of Tolupan indigenous group; other members of indigenous ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/005/1997