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Guatemala: Write for rights 2010: Act now for Norma Cruz
1 October 2010

Document       AMR 34/009/2010

Guatemala: Write for rights 2010: Act now for Norma Cruz
1 October 2010

Norma Cruz has received numerous death threats for her work documenting cases of violence against women in Guatemala and helping women fight ...

Document       AMR 34/009/2010

The Wire, August/September 2010. Vol. 40, issue 004
1 August 2010

1) Indigenous rights in Brazil: Pushed into poverty 2) LiveWire: Kuwait: The case of Muhammad 'Abd al-Qader al-Jasem; Haiti's displaced people feel ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/004/2010

Guatemala: One mining activist shot, another threatened ...
21 July 2010

On 7 July, a Guatemalan human rights defender campaigning against mining in her Indigenous community was shot. Another activist campaigning locally ...

Urgent Action       AMR 34/008/2010

Guatemala: Guatemalan investigative journalist at risk
29 June 2010

Guatemalan journalist, Marvin del Cid Acevedo, has received several death threats, after investigating corruption in public bodies.

Urgent Action       AMR 34/007/2010

Guatemala: Trade unionist and her legal advisors at risk
21 May 2010

A pregnant garment factory worker has been threatened and pressured to leave her job or quit the union. The lawyers who advise her have been followed ...

Urgent Action       AMR 34/006/2010

The Wire, April/May 2010. Vol. 40, issue 002
1 April 2010

1) Giving life without risk 2) Livewire: The daily struggle in Haiti camps; Amnesty International defends Guinea research against French government criticism ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/2010

Guatemala: Guatemalan human rights activists at risk
10 March 2010

Three female members of staff at UDEFEGUA, a human rights NGO based in Guatemala's capital, Guatemala City, have been victim to a series of attacks ...

Urgent Action       AMR 34/002/2010

Guatemala: Guatemalan activists in danger
22 February 2010

The members of a network of activists in Guatemala are in grave danger. Three members of the network have been killed since October 2009. Most recently ...

Urgent Action       AMR 34/001/2010

Guatemala: Implicación de la policía en homicidios en ...
15 December 2009

Guatemala: Implicación de la policía en homicidios en Guatemala.

Report       AMR 34/010/2009