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Amnesty International | Guatemala: Fifth former soldier ...
14 March 2012

The conviction of a former soldier for his role in a bloody massacre in Guatemala in 1982 marks a further step towards justice for the many victims and ...

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Guatemala: Fifth former soldier convicted over role in Dos ...
14 March 2012

Pedro Pimentel Ríos is the fifth former soldier in Guatemala to be convicted for his role in the 1982 killings of more than 250 people in a rural village.


Guatemala: Submission to UN Human Rights Committee: For ...
21 February 2012

Amnesty International is submitting this briefing to the Human Rights Committee ahead of its examination of Guatemala's third periodic report on the ...

Report       AMR 34/001/2012

Amnesty International | Guatemala: Former head of state's trial ...
27 January 2012

A landmark ruling that Guatemala's former head of state will join other former high ranking officers in facing trial for genocide is another step towards ...

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Guatemala: General's court appearance over genocide raises ...
25 January 2012

Relatives of hundreds of massacre victims have triumphed in forcing retired General Ríos Montt to appear before a court on genocide charges.


Mexico: Families divided after raid on community
11 January 2012

Seventy-one members of a Guatemalan community who had sought refuge in Tabasco state, Mexico, have been detained by Mexican authorities and ...

Urgent Action       AMR 41/002/2012

Guatemalan communities threatened by mining
12 December 2011

Before 11 January 2012, Guatemala's minister responsible for mining must decide whether to allow a mine in Santa Rosa department, southeastern ...

Urgent Action       AMR 34/016/2011

Fax-jam for Norma Cruz [fax flyer]
1 December 2011

Dear Attorney General, I am writing to express my concern about the threats received by Norma Cruz in 2010 as a result of her work defending the ...

Document       ACT 30/148/2011

Fax-jam for Norma Cruz [poster]
1 December 2011

fax-Jam Norma Cruz Human rights defender – Gu atemala Norma Cruz ha s received rep eated death th reats for supporting victims of vio lence ...

Poster       ACT 30/147/2011

Mexico: Evicted community at risk
22 November 2011

Guatemalan authorities have forcibly evicted a community that was living in northern Guatemala. The 300 inhabitants have fled over the border to Tabasco ...

Urgent Action       AMR 41/074/2011