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Georgia: Continuing allegations of torture and ill-treatment
1 February 2000

This report documents a variety of allegations of torture and ill-treatment received since Georgia became a member of the Council of Europe, and ends ...

Report       EUR 56/001/2000

Armenia: "Respect my human dignity": Imprisonment of ...
31 August 1999

This document updates the situation of conscientious objectors in Armenia. It gives details of specific cases of young men who have been imprisoned ...

Report       EUR 54/006/1999

Concerns in Europe January - June 1999
31 July 1999

This report summarizes AI's concerns in 34 countries in Europe from January to June 1999 and includes special sections on human rights violations ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/002/1999

Death Penalty News June 1999
31 May 1999

1. Call for worldwide moratorium gains momentum; 2. All death sentences commuted in Russia; 3. Special Rapporteur calls for tighter safeguards; 4. ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/003/1999

Concerns in Europe July-December 1998
31 March 1999

This bulletin contains information about Amnesty International's main concerns in Europe between July and December 1998. It contains special sections ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/001/1999

Turkmenistan: Further information on fear of imminent ...
19 November 1998

Shaliko Maisuradze (m) (previously incorrectly listed as Irina Maisuradze), Gulshirin Shykhyeva (f) and Tylla Garadzhayeva (f) sentenced to death in ...

Urgent Action       EUR 61/012/1998

Preocupaciones en Europa: Enero-Junio 1998
31 August 1998

Newsletter       EUR 01/002/1998

Concerns in Europe January-June 1998
31 August 1998

This report summarises Amnesty International's concerns in Europe during the period January to June 1998 and includes special sections on women ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/002/1998

Georgia: Summary of Amnesty International's concerns
31 July 1998

Report       EUR 56/002/1998

Georgia: Summary of Amnesty International's concerns
31 July 1998

This report provides a summary of AI's concerns about ongoing human rights abuses in Georgia and in the areas of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. It looks ...

Report       EUR 56/002/1998