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France: The fatal-shooting of Abdelkader Bouziane and ...
10 September 1998


Report       EUR 21/007/1998

Preocupaciones en Europa: Enero-Junio 1998
31 August 1998

Newsletter       EUR 01/002/1998

Concerns in Europe January-June 1998
31 August 1998

This report summarises Amnesty International's concerns in Europe during the period January to June 1998 and includes special sections on women ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/002/1998

France: Fatal shooting of Eric Benfatima by Tarbes police ...
31 August 1998

This document gives deatils of the case of Eric Benfatima, an unarmed man who was shot and killed by a police officer during a fight on 31 August 1998 ...

Report       EUR 21/009/1998

Malaysia: Fear of refoulement
14 May 1998

Twenty-seven Acehnese asylum seekers in Malaysia are in danger of being forcibly returned to Aceh province in Indonesia, where they could be at risk ...

Urgent Action       ASA 28/013/1998

France: Excessive force: a summary of Amnesty International's ...
31 March 1998

This summary deals exclusively with Amnesty International's concerns with regard to shootings, killings, torture and ill-treatment by French law enforcement ...

Report       EUR 21/005/1998

Concerns in Europe: July-December 1997
3 February 1998

This report sumarizes AI's concerns in 34 countries in Europe July-December 1997 and includes special sections on women and children.

Newsletter       EUR 01/001/1998

France: Fatal shooting of Fabrice Fernandez by Lyons police ...
1 February 1998

This document accompanies a RAN action and gives some background information on the shooting and killing on 18 December 1997 of 24-year-old ...

Report       EUR 21/004/1998

France: The alleged ill-treatment by Police of Egyptian ...
21 January 1998

AI is concerned about the alleged ill-treatment of Ahmed Hamed by officers of the Anti-Crime Brigade.

Report       EUR 21/002/1998

France: Further information on the fatal shooting of child ...
7 September 1997

AI is urging the new Minister of Justice to ensure that a full and fair investigation is held into the fatal shooting of Todor Bogdanovic and that, if justified ...

Report       EUR 21/004/1997