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The 2013 Annual Report on
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Equatorial Guinea: New wealth driving people from their ...
5 October 2009

Equatorial Guinea: New wealth driving people from their homes

Document       AFR 24/007/2009

Suggested recommendations to states considered in the sixth ...
1 October 2009

In this document Amnesty International makes recommendations to the governments of each of fifteen countries to be considered in the Universal ...

Document       IOR 41/028/2009

Africa: Stop forced evictions in Africa [Demand Dignity]
14 September 2009

The phenomenon of forced eviction in Africa is a massive human rights scandal that should be stopped immediately. Instead of taking measures to improve ...

Document       AFR 01/007/2009

Equatorial Guinea | Amnesty International
5 September 2009

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África: No más desapariciones forzadas en África
25 August 2009

África: No más desapariciones forzadas en África

Document       AFR 01/001/2009

Africa: Stop enforced disappearances in Africa
25 August 2009

International Day of the Disappeared, 30 August 2009, is the time to demand justice for victims of enforced disappearances. In this document Amnesty ...

Document       AFR 01/001/2009

Equatorial Guinea: Submission to the UN Universal Periodic ...
13 April 2009

In this submission, Amnesty International provides information as stipulated in the General Guidelines for the Preparation of Information under the Universal ...

Document       AFR 24/002/2009

The Wire, April/May 2009. Vol. 39, issue 002
1 April 2009

1) World Health Day: When rescuers become casualties; 2) Counter Terror with Justice: On the rights way to justice 3) Livewire: Grief is still so raw; The ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/2009

Equatorial Guinea: Further Information on torture/ denial of ...
30 March 2009

The police have agreed to allow Epifanio Pascual Nguema Alogo to receive medical treatment. On 23 March 2009 he was transferred to a clinic in Bata ...

Urgent Action       AFR 24/006/2009

Equatorial Guinea: Arrest and torture of political opponents ...
25 March 2009

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. AI Index: AFR 24/004/2009. 25 March 2009. Equatorial Guinea: Arrest ...

Document       AFR 24/004/2009