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Egypt: Further information on death penalty - Imminent ...
22 September 1998

Amnesty International very much regrets that Mati Bassilous Mati Hanna, who was sentenced to death for the murder of singer Widad Hamdi, was executed ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/045/1998

Hungary: Iraqi asylum seeker
2 September 1998

An Iraqi asylum seeker based in Hungary is in immediate danger of being forcibly returned to Egypt, where he could be at risk of subsequent refoulement ...

Urgent Action       EUR 27/005/1998

Egypt: Human rights abuses by armed groups
31 August 1998

Armed Islamic groups in Egypt are increasingly responsible for human rights abuses. Recent civilian targets have included tourists, Coptic Christians ...

Report       MDE 12/022/1998

Egypt: Fear of execution / fear of torture
3 August 1998

Ahmad Ibrahim al-Sayyid al-Naggar is at imminent risk of execution after being forcibly returned to Egypt by the Albanian authorities along with Mohammad ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/042/1998

Egypt: Threat of imminent execution / death penalty: Madiha ...
28 July 1998

On 22 July 1998 a Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Madiha Hassan Khattab to death. Her death sentence has now been passed for approval to the Mufti ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/040/1998

Egypt: Further information on death penalty: 'Aida Nour al-Din ...
9 July 1998

On 9 July 1998, the Court of Cassation quashed the death sentence passed on 'Aida Nour al-Din Abu-Zeid and ordered a retrial.

Urgent Action       MDE 12/036/1998

Egypt: Further information on health concern / ill-treatment ...
7 July 1998

'Abd al-Mun'im Gamal al-Din 'Abd al-Mun'im has reportedly stopped his hunger strike and has now been transferred from prison to Tora Penitentiary ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/039/1998

Egypt: Further information on possible prisoners of conscience ...
7 July 1998

Magdi Ahmad Hussain and Mohammad Hilal were released from detention on 3 July 1998 after their sentences for libel were overturned by the Court ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/038/1998

Egypt: Death penalty: Latifa 'Abd al-Rahim
5 July 1998

Latifa 'Abd al-Rahim is at risk of imminent execution. Her sentence has been approved by the Mufti and confirmed by the Cairo Criminal Court.

Urgent Action       MDE 12/037/1998

Egypt: Further information on death penalty
15 June 1998

Magdi Hamed Thabit's death sentence has been commuted into a life sentence with forced labour. Ussama Mohammad Thabit and Saber 'Ali Abu-Zeid ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/035/1998