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Ecuador: Fear for safety
28 January 2000

On 24 January the Attorney General (Ministra Fiscal General del Estado) requested the Supreme Court of Justice to order the arrest of Antonio Vargas ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/005/2000

Ecuador: Further information on fear for safety/possible ...
28 January 2000

Although the state of emergency that came into effect on 5 January 2000 is still in effect, mass detentions have stopped. The country is no longer in the ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/004/2000

Ecuador: Fear for safety
25 January 2000

Colonel Lucio Gutiérrez Borbua and Colonel Celso Andrade were detained by military intelligence after President Gustavo Noboa Bejarano took power ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/003/2000

Ecuador: Further information on fear for safety/possible ...
21 January 2000

Ciro Guzmán Aldas, Luis Villacis Maldonado and José Chávez ECUADO have been released in the past few days.

Urgent Action       AMR 28/002/2000

Ecuador: Fear for safety/possible prisoners of conscience
18 January 2000

Ciro Guzmán Aldas, Luis Villacis Maldonado and José Chávez were detained by the security forces on 15 January 2000, apparently only because they ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/001/2000

Ecuador: Further information on Death threats/fear for safety
28 June 1999

Edgar Ponce Iturriaga, a trade unionist and one of 11 people whose names appeared on a death list earlier this year, has received a further death threat ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/018/1999

Annual report updates
15 June 1999

AI Index: POL 10/05/99. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL REPORT 1999 UPDATES. Selected events covering the period from January to June 1999. ...

Report       POL 10/005/1999

Ecuador: Fear for safety/Extrajudicial executions: Pedro ...
9 June 1999

Amnesty International is seriously concerned for the safety of Pedro Baque and his family. Pedro Baque is the sole witness to the killing of Pedro and ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/016/1999

Special appeals on behalf of human rights defenders in Latin ...
31 May 1999

This circular illustrates human rights violations committed against those who defend these rights in Latin America.It also shows the difficulty of investigating ...

Report       AMR 01/003/1999

llamamientos especiales en favor de los defensores de los ...
31 May 1999

Report       AMR 01/003/1999