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Ecuador: Fear for safety / Arbitrary detention / Legal concern
31 January 2001

Two leading Ecuadoran activists, Antonio Vargas and Luis Villacís, have been detained seemingly for exercising their right to freedom of expression ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/001/2001

Ecuador: Fear for safety/Death Threats
7 December 2000

Police officers are on trial for the murder of two men, and the sole witness, Pedro Geovanny Baque, has received death threats. Police have allegedly ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/017/2000

Ecuador: Fear for safety/possible "disappearance"
22 November 2000

One man, Elias Elint López Pita, has "disappeared" after police arrested him, and another man, Luis Alberto Shinin Laso, who testified that he saw him ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/016/2000

Ecuador: Pedro Baque Tuárez and the Jaramillo brothers ...
31 August 2000

Amnesty International is concerned about the extrajudicial execution of two brothers, Pedro and Carlos Jaramillo Mera, and the attempted extrajudicail ...

Report       AMR 28/013/2000

Ecuador: Arbitrary detention of transvestites
31 August 2000

This document provides details of the cases of nine transvestite sex workers who were detained by police and forced to undergo HIV tests. Amnesty ...

Report       AMR 28/014/2000

Ecuador: Fear for safety/Death Threats
15 June 2000

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of Ernesto Murillo Cañarte, Julio Peláez, Alberto Palacios, Harold Moreira, Yuri Washington Collantes ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/012/2000

Ecuador: Fear for safety/Torture
22 May 2000

The following people: Benjamín Álvarez; Herney Hernández; Marilú Marcillo Rivas; José Humberto Leal Hernández; Rubiela Margoth Díaz Álvarez; ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/011/2000

Equador: Death threats/Torture/Fear for safety - Julio Edison ...
9 May 2000

Police have threatened to kill Julio Edison Román Muñoz, after he filed a complaint against officers who beat and threatened him. Amnesty International ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/009/2000

Ecuador: Fear for safety/Death threats
4 May 2000

Policemen inside a courthouse have threatened to kill lawyers Julio Peláez, Alberto Palacios and Harold Moreira Zambrano. They are representing a ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/010/2000

Ecuador: Impunity: The long road to justice
15 March 2000

This document gives details of four unresolved cases of killings by members of the security focrces. At present no-one has been brought to justice for ...

Report       AMR 28/007/2000