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Chad: Further information on medical letter writing action ...
25 February 1999

Amnesty International has learned that Ngarléjy Yorongar le Moiban, an AI prisoner of conscience in Chad, was released on 5 February 1999.

Report       AFR 20/002/1999

Chad: Further information on fear for safety / medical concern ...
24 February 1999

Ngarléjy Yorongar was relaesed on 5 February 1999 after eight months in detention for defaming the Chadian president.

Urgent Action       AFR 20/001/1999

Chad: Medical letter writing action: Ngarlejy Yorongar le ...
6 November 1998

The above-named individual, imprisoned in N'Djamena Central Prison, is suffering from malaria and typhoid fever and is not receiving adequate medical ...

Report       AFR 20/015/1998

Chad: Further information on fear for safety / medical concern ...
29 October 1998

There are concerns for the health of Ngarléjy Yorongar, who urgently requires hospitalization as a result of contracting malaria and typhoid fever in detention ...

Urgent Action       AFR 20/013/1998

Worldwide Appeals December 1998
28 October 1998

1. Chad: Prisoner of conscience; 2. Tunisia: Prisoners of conscience / torture/ill-treatment 3. China: Death penalty.

Report       NWS 22/007/1998

Chad: Freedom of expression again under attack
2 August 1998


Press Release       AFR 20/009/1998

Chad: Fear for safety / medical concern: New concerns: Legal ...
21 July 1998

Ngarlegy Yorongar le Moiban, a prominent political opponent, was sentenced to three years imprisonment after an unfair trial for defamation of the president ...

Urgent Action       AFR 20/008/1998

Cameroon / Chad: Further information on fear of refoulement
8 July 1998

Michel Nguimbaye Barde, Alamine Guirge and Allah-Afra Boyalkaya, prominent members of a former Chadian armed opposition group were released ...

Urgent Action       AFR 17/009/1998

Chad: Further information on fear for safety: Ngarlegy ...
18 June 1998

Ngarlejy Yorongar is currently being held in detention where he is being denied access to medical care despite suffering from a gastrointestinal infection ...

Urgent Action       AFR 20/007/1998

Chad: Fear for safety: Ngarlegy Yorongar le Moiban
28 May 1998

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of Ngarlegy Yorongar le Moiban, a prominent political opponent, since the Agence Nationale de Securite ...

Urgent Action       AFR 20/006/1998