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Amnesty International  Report 2013

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Brazil: Forced Evictions in Rio de Janeiro
10 November 2011

Open Letter       AMR 19/017/2011

Brasil: Remoções Forçadas no Rio de Janeiro
10 November 2011

Open Letter       AMR 19/017/2011

Voices of victims: Testimonies from victims of enforced ...
9 November 2011

Enforced disappearance is a dehumanising practice which has long-lasting and damaging consequences for both the disappeared person and his or ...

Document       IOR 51/009/2011

Finland: Further investigation into USA rendition flights ...
9 November 2011

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. AI Index: EUR 20/001/2011. 9 November 2011. Finland: Further investigation ...

Public Statement       EUR 20/001/2011

USA: Execution of mentally ill man in Ohio imminent
9 November 2011

A 66-year-old man diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia is facing imminent execution in Ohio, after nearly three decades on death row. Convicted ...

Urgent Action       AMR 51/091/2011

USA: 'Heads I win, tails you lose'. Government set to pursue ...
8 November 2011

The US administration has selected six detainees, from among the 171 men still held at Guantánamo, who it wants to see executed. One of the six, 'Abd ...

Report       AMR 51/090/2011

Mexico: Women's rights organization raided in Mexico
8 November 2011

On 3 November, there was a raid on the office of Consorcio Oaxaca, a women's rights organization in Oaxaca state, south west Mexico. There is fear ...

Urgent Action       AMR 41/071/2011

Colombia: Man who saw brother's murder threatened
8 November 2011

Gersaín Rodríguez witnessed his brother's murder by Colombian paramilitaries in January. His son and his nephew have been forcibly disappeared ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/031/2011

USA: First Idaho execution in 17 years imminent: Paul ...
4 November 2011

The US state of Idaho is scheduled to carry out its first execution since 1994, and only its second in more than half a century. Paul Rhoades is due to ...

Urgent Action       AMR 51/089/2011

Guatemala: Two journalists threatened and in danger
4 November 2011

At the end of October, two journalists were threatened for reporting on the activities and arrests of members of a local citizen security group in Panajachel ...

Urgent Action       AMR 34/015/2011