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Amnesty International  Report 2013

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Sierra Leone: Charles Taylor and the Sierra Leone War
4 August 2010

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PRESS BRIEFING. August 4 2010. AI Index: AFR 51/006/2010. Sierra Leone: Charles Taylor and the Sierra Leone War ...

PressItem       AFR 51/006/2010

Sudan: Osman Hummaida, Monim Elgak, Amir Suleiman ...
2 August 2010

Three human rights defenders, Osman Hummaida, Monim Elgak and Amir Suleiman, were arrested by the NISS at midday on 24 November 2008. During ...

Document       AFR 54/013/2010

Sudan: Human rights defenders at risk in Sudan
2 August 2010

The human rights situation in Sudan is critical. Armed clashes continue to escalate in southern Sudan, and the conflict in Darfur has intensified during ...

Document       AFR 54/012/2010

Sudan: Ahmed Sardop: Human rights defenders in exile
2 August 2010

Ahmed Sardop, a doctor, (given name Ali Mohamed Osman), was publicly critical of the government, He was arrested by the NISS on 20 March 2009 ...

Document       AFR 54/014/2010