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Burundi: Further information on torture: Jean Minani, peasant ...
8 June 1995

Following appeals made by AI, the Burundi Minister of Justice, M. Melchior Ntahobama, has formally requested in a letter, copied to AI, that the Procureur ...

Urgent Action       AFR 16/012/1995

Burundi: Fear of further extrajudicial executions: civilian ...
7 June 1995

AI is gravely concerned about reports of killings of civilians by the Burundi army in the Kamenge suburb of Bujumbura. Many innocent civilians have ...

Urgent Action       AFR 16/010/1995

Burundi: Further information on fear for safety: Deogratias ...
24 April 1995

Deogratias Sindaruhunga has been transferred from the military camp to a civilian prison in Bubanza.

Urgent Action       AFR 16/006/1995

Amnesty International News Service 69/95
2 April 1995

1. Rwanda and Burundi: Horror of genocide hangs over the region one year later.

Report       NWS 11/069/1995

Amnesty International News Service 65/95
27 March 1995

1. Burundi: Delegates back from Burundi warn of another cycle of slaughter.

Report       NWS 11/065/1995

Burundi: torture: Jean Minani, peasant farmer, Tharcisse ...
26 March 1995

AI representatives visiting Burundi have found that at least 12 people, including Jean Minani and Tharcisse Nzimpora, are undergoing torture sessions ...

Urgent Action       AFR 16/004/1995

Burundi: Further information on fear for safety: Deogratias ...
24 February 1995

Deogratias Sindaruhunga is still being held at the military camp in Bubanza. He is not reported to have been subjected to any ill-treatment. Since his ...

Urgent Action       AFR 16/003/1995

Burundi: Fear for safety: Deogratias Sindaruhunga
4 January 1995

AI is concerned about reports that Deogratias Sindaruhunga, a Hutu, has been arbitrarily detained and transferred to a military camp in Bubanza province ...

Urgent Action       AFR 16/001/1995

Amnesty International's concerns at the 51st United Nations ...
1 December 1994

This document describes AI's concerns about a number of countries and issues relevant to the agenda of the forthcoming 51st session of the UN Commission ...

Report       IOR 41/011/1994

Amnesty International News, November 1994. Vol.24, No.11.
1 November 1994

e AMNESTY vi INTERNATIONAL. NEWSLETTER. FRANCE NIGERIA. Philippe 1,escaffette needed 24 stitches after attending ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/011/1994